Return To Work Services

Returning – Same Employer

Rehab Life Consultants are all tertiary qualified consultants who pride their skills of assessment, planning and communication in establishing rehabilitation and return to work goals and establishing clear pathways to assist the injured person in returning to their normal employment and pre-injury duties in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We seek great results via efficiency of planning and implementation and by thinking outside of the box.

We will bring energy and enthusiasm to the process of return to work.

We seek integration of all key stakeholders which wil provide a foundation for successful health, rehabilitation and return work outcomes.

Our RTW-Same Employer Services may include:

  • Development of Graded Recover at Work Plans

  • Functional capacity evaluations

  • Workplace assessments

  • Medical liaison and case conferencing

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Returning – New Employer

In assisting a person in seeking new employment, we believe that there is no common solution when returning injured individuals to the workforce. Instead, our vocational rehabilitation and redeployment services are tailored to each individual – again focusing on thinking outside of the box and inspiring opportunity.

We tailor our Jobseeking program’s to efficiently identified the needs of the worker that will assist them in a streamlined and energetic way to achieve alternative employment.

Our Rehab Life Consultants are all tertiary qualified consultants to assist injured workers in seeking new employment opportunities.

Our RTW-New Employer Services may include:

  • Vocational Assessment

  • Job Readiness Training

  • Transferrable Skills Analysis

  • Labour Market Analysis

  • Rehabilitation/Vocational Counselling

  • Medical liaison and case conferencing

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Workplace Assessment

A workplace assessment is a rehabilitation focused assessment that aims to analyse the holistic characteristics of a workplace to assist return to work and rehabilitation planning. Information gathered in the assessment may include (but is not limited to):

  • Identify the key physical demands of the work role

  • Identify potential suitable duties.

  • Identify aids/equipment that may overcome return to work barriers.

  • Assist the establishment of graded return to work pathways.

  • Confirm suitability of a work role compared to a worker’s functional capabilities.

The Assessment is completed by one of our Rehab Life tertiary qualified Rehabilitation Consultants.

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Vocational Assessment

A Vocational Assessment is a thorough assessment of work history, education, training and transferable skills (as well as formal psychological testing if required) to assist the establishment of a return to work goal when a new work role or new employment is needed to be sought.

Functional Assessment / Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Assessment or Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is conducted by a suitably qualified Rehab Life Consultant with the aim to determine a workers physical/functional capabilities (in a range of areas such as lift/push/pull, walking, climbing, reaching etc) and to determine how this translates into the work and health goals that you are trying to achieve. It requires a combination of an interview as well as your performance of a range of physical tests to assist in determining what you are capable of doing at a particular point in time.

The FCE is conducted by a qualified and experience Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.

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Activities of Daily Living Assessment

Assessment of daily living activities to recommend tasks, equipment needs and changes that assist with independent living and speedier rehabilitation

Transferrable Skills Assessment

A transferable skills analysis is an assessment of a client’s skills, experience, knowledge and interests, that they have acquired through their work and life experiences.

A transferable skills sumamrises this information, with the view to provide recommendations for employment and job opportunities that would be appropriate given the clients accumulated transferable skills and experiences.  A transferable skills assessment is particularly useful when extensive retraining is not required to enter the open labour market.

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Labour Market Analysis

A labour market analysis can provide essential information to ensure that a reasonable and achievable job goal is set. The assessment includes:

  • Live employer contacts;

  • Exploring online vacancies advertised in open labour market;

  • Obtaining salary / Wage information;

  • Analysing job prospects and industry employment trends;

  • Determining retraining or education/qualification needs for employment options.

Labour market research is usually conducted via telephone or online search by our tertiary qualified and experienced Rehabilitation Counsellors

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Rehabilitation Needs Assessments

A Rehab Life Rehabilitation Needs Assessment is a specialised assessment that aims to identify the current barriers affecting a person’s recovery from injury and provision of strategies that may assist overcoming such barriers. This is where Rehab Life will shine, thinking outside of the box to explore help achieve the best outcome for the worker and the business.


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