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Rehab Life helps your business by helping your workers. We provide a suite of injury prevention, injury management, occupational rehabilitation and medicolegal services to assist your business in achieving maximum health and wellbeing – we do it by being committed to being passionate about our clients and customers and their health and wellbeing, and constantly thinking outside of the box to assist the achievement of the best health and workplace outcomes.





What is a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider?

Workplace rehabilitation providers help address risk factors which may impact the worker’s ability to recover at/return to work. These factors may include difficulty identifying suitable work, assistance with equipment and workplace modification needs, complex injury or communication breakdown.

The workplace rehabilitation provider will appoint a rehabilitation consultant who will work with the employer, worker, doctor and insurer to achieve a positive recovery at work outcome. The rehabilitation consultant will be a health professional such as an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, rehabilitation counsellor or psychologist.

What can you expect from your Workplace Rehabilitation Consultant

Your Rehab Life Consultant will assist you in a caring, proactive and professional manner.

You can expect your Rehabilitation Consultant to be a professional expert on how best to promote your recovery from injury, your safe recovery at work and return to your normal work role.

You can expect your Rehab Life consultant to be focused on identifying the specific needs to assist you in the best way to achieve your specific health and rehabilitation and return to work goals.

Is my Rehabilitation Consultant qualifies in their ability to help me make a recovery from my injury?

YES!!!!! All Rehab Life Rehabilitation Consultants are suitably qualified health professionals to assist you in achieving your specific health and rehabilitation and return to work goals.

We have a team of Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Counsellors all with significant experience in the industry of workplace and vocational rehabilitation.

What hours can I contact my Rehabilitation Consultant?

Rehab Life hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Your Rehabilitation Consultant may be available outside of these hours on some occasions. Make sure you ask your specific consultant their availability.

What treatment will my Rehabilitation Consultant provide me?

None! We are not treatment providers. Part of our role is to coordinate and facilitate your access to treatment and rehabilitation modalities to promote a successful recovery from injury. We will liaise with your treatment providers regularly to track how you are progressing and assist our identification of need to achieve your specific health goals.

What is a Rehabilitation Goal or Return to Work Goal?

Generally in most cases we are aiming at assisting an injured worker to return to work in their normal work role with their pre-injury employer. There are indeed circumstances where returning to the same job with your pre-injury employer may not be medically or functionally possible – your Rehab Life Consultant will assist you in determining when this occurs and in re-establishing a new RTW Goal in a collaborative way.

We at Rehab Life know that setting goals always assists in achieving positive health and work outcomes and it is even more enhanced when it is done as a shared experience.

We at Rehab Life ensure that all RTW Goals are established by discussing your needs and the needs of your employer in conjunction with the advice of your Treating Doctor and treatment providers.

What is a Recover at Work Plan?

Our Recover at Work Plans are a map or story of the journey you will take in your return to work in order to progress from your current capacity and work situation back to your pre-injury duties. It outlines current suitable duties and the pathway of upgrades towards pre-injury duties. It is created by our Rehab Life Consultant in consultation with multiple stakeholders including yourself, your employer and your treatment providers. It translates your functional capabilities into the real world of work.

What is a Vocational Assessment?

A Vocational Assessment is a thorough assessment of work history, education, training and transferable skills (as well as formal psychological testing if required) to assist the establishment of a return to work goal when a new work role or new employment is needed to be sought.

What is a Functional Assessment?

A Functional Assessment or Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is conducted by a suitably qualified Rehab Life Consultant with the aim to determine your physical/functional capabilities (in a range of areas such as lift/push/pull, walking, climbing, reaching etc) and to determine how this translates into the work and health goals that you are trying to achieve. It requires a combination of an interview as well as your performance of a range of physical tests to assist in determining what you are capable of doing at a particular point in time.

What is an Activities of Daily Living Assessment?

An Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessment is generally a home-based assessment, involving a combination of an interview as well as observation of your abilities to perform common daily activities. The aim is to determine what you are capable of performing and to recommend tasks, equipment needs, supports that may be needed to promote your independence and maximum function in common daily activities.

What should I do if I have an issue, concern or complaint about my Rehabilitation Consultant?

You have multiple options here and it is really based on what you feel most comfortable with. We encourage you to discuss any concerns with your Rehab Life Consultant or otherwise please ask to speak with their Supervisor where we can work through any concerns as a team. We at Rehab Life aim to provide you a professional, caring and knowledgeable service but we also understand that sometimes issues can arise.

Please see also our Complaints Policy (Hyperlink) – Can this be a pop up on screen, rather than a separate webpage altogether?)

What should I do if I have an issue or a concern with my Rehabilitation Plan, Return to Work Plan or any other document issued by my Consultant?

Your Rehab Life Consultant will develop your Recover at Work Plan, Rehabilitation Plan or Return to Work Plan using an evidence-based approach, in conjunction with yourself, with input from your treatment providers. Ensure you discuss any concerns regarding your RTW Planning with your Rehab Life Consultant as soon as experience these concerns. We aim to provide you as positive experience during your recovery, rehabilitation and return to work.

Rehab Life Consultants pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge in the field of occupational rehabilitation and in sharing this knowledge with our clients and other stakeholders to assist positive achievement of work, health and life goals. Sometimes our knowledge and opinions will differ from yours.

What is a Medical Case Conference?

A Medical Case Conference is a forum for the Rehab Life Consultant to meet with yourself and your Treating Doctor to discuss your rehabilitation and return to work plans, discuss any barriers that are affecting your recovery and progress in return to work and to discuss solutions to help you progress in these areas.

With your agreement your Rehab Life Consultant will schedule the Case Conference.

It is often beneficial to have other stakeholders in attendance such as your employer, insurer or treatment providers (Physio, Exercise Physiologist, Psychologist).

Does Rehab Life keep information about me?

As a health service provider, Rehab Life complies with national and state privacy and confidentiality laws. Please refer to our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy here (Hyperlink to Confidentiality Policy Page – Can this be a pop up on screen, rather than a separate webpage altogether?)

Where else can I find out more information about a Rehabilitation Provider?

The SIRA (NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority) website has an abundance of information about Workplace Rehabilitation Providers. Click here to check out the SIRA website.

Where else can I find out more information about my rights and responsibilities during my recovery?

The relevant authority in your state is the best place to seek more information about your rights and responsibilities during your recovery. Please also discuss with your Rehab Life consultant and we can point you in the right direction.


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